A photographic journal of an Australian Graphic Designer living in Berlin.

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arctickid asked: hi :) can you speak german well? if you so, when and where have you learned? and if you not, is there any difficulty not speaking it as you living in germany? and... oh I really really like your pics :) those made me want to go to berlin again right now. haha.

I spoke no German when I first moved here but have since learned a bit. I studied briefly with private lessons and then with a School in Friedrichshain called “Sprachenatelier Berlin”. Also maybe try a language app like ‘Duolingo’ or ‘Babbel’ which is based in Berlin also.

Having said that, for the most part it has been relatively easy to do most things without knowledge of German as English is widely spoken.

spirograffe asked: I just moved to Berlin a few weeks ago. my original plan was to stay until next summer, but I'm starting to think I'm gonna need more time! (your photos are great, by the way)

I can completely understand. My original plan was to stay 8 months and I have now been here for 16. Thankyou by the way X

lostsoulscantbesaved asked: Hey there!!!! Sorry to bother you but I saw you are a "stranger" livin in Berlin, you see I am Portuguese and next year I will move to Berlin , how wonderful is the city? Cause I am moving on my own;) thanks

I am a stranger in the city so to speak but I definitely feel at home here now after 16 months. I can’t speak for everyone as different people have different tastes and criteria for what constitutes ‘wonderful’ but in my humble opinion, it is an infectious and unique place that I fall in love with a little bit more every day. I wish you all the best with your time here X

supernoidentity asked: Halo!! , firstable I'm in love with your Tumblr. There are some of the pictures which are making me racall my chilhood memories, such as the U-Bahn, you know it's almost the thing you see th emost in Berlin, and everytime I think of Berlin I think of the smell which is present in U-Bahn. I miss Berlin so much, like a sick even though I left when I was 8 y.o., if you lived once in Berlin, Berlin stays in your mind for a long long time. DU BIST VERRUCKT MEIN KIND, DU MUSS NACH BERLIN! THANK U =D=D

Thankyou so much and I’m happy to hear my photos evoke memories of your time here :) X

ssstratos asked: Amazing blog & photography. I, really, miss Berlin right now :/

Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou :)

sarahhelizabeth asked: No prob. I'm from Florida!


Mein kiezObst und Gemüse

Mein kiez
Obst und Gemüse

Mein kiez

Mein kiez

fl0yds asked: how was your experience moving to Berlin? I bought a one way ticket to Berlin and I'm going there in a couple of weeks basically without a dime in my pocket to look for a job and to start a new life, I'm both excited and scared.

My experience has been fantastic and I feel very settled here now after 16 months. I wish you all the best here. Excitement and fear are exactly the correct emotions to be feeling :)

If you need to find a place to live, this facebook page regularly posts available rooms in Berlin:


Best of luck :) X

jumping---theberlinwall asked: Italy :) I came back home yesterday... oh god I miss that city so much!

It’s so close for you! Just come back haha



storiesullapelle asked: I definitely love your blog! Five months ago I've been to Berlin and I fell in love for that city. It's amazing to see more of it through your photographer eyes, your pics are peculiar and beautiful. Wish I could do the same with my town!

Thankyou so much! It’s really nice to hear people enjoying seeing the city through my photos. Much love to you!

son3ghet asked: Congratulations on your blog! I'm moving to Berlin next semester and it made me even more excited. Cheers!

I’m excited for you! It’s truly a one of a kind place X

jumping---theberlinwall asked: I couldn't stop liking your photos, needless to say they're amazing. I'm staying in Berlin another week and, looking at your photos, I already miss this city. :)

Haha thankyou! You are too kind. Where are you from?