A photographic journal of an Australian Graphic Designer living in Berlin.

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storiesullapelle asked: I definitely love your blog! Five months ago I've been to Berlin and I fell in love for that city. It's amazing to see more of it through your photographer eyes, your pics are peculiar and beautiful. Wish I could do the same with my town!

Thankyou so much! It’s really nice to hear people enjoying seeing the city through my photos. Much love to you!

son3ghet asked: Congratulations on your blog! I'm moving to Berlin next semester and it made me even more excited. Cheers!

I’m excited for you! It’s truly a one of a kind place X

jumping---theberlinwall asked: I couldn't stop liking your photos, needless to say they're amazing. I'm staying in Berlin another week and, looking at your photos, I already miss this city. :)

Haha thankyou! You are too kind. Where are you from?



bespook asked: i followed your blog just before i moved to berlin, now i keep walking round and being like "why do i recognise that building??" and it will bother me for ages and then i will be like "ohhh the photo blog" love yr work mayn!

Haha that’s awesome!! Welcome to Berlin! Glad you are enjoying my little blog

So clever

So clever

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wordylove asked: i am so in love with your blog. I recently lived in berlin for a while, and i miss it like an old friend. being back is so painful. but your pictures are transporting me back. back into the raw beauty and juxtapositions of my city. thank you.

Thankyou! That is really nice to hear :) It’s an incredibly unique and beautiful city in it’s own weird way. I’m never leaving.

This is a photo I took in Hamburg a few weeks ago.
I thought it would be interesting to show the original image straight out of the camera and then my edited version.

I may have build another wall.
Sorry. I have a bit of an obsession with symmetry.
Even the fact that the word ‘symmetry’ isn’t symmetrical kind of bothers me.





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vxon asked: Did you study graphic design in Berlin? If so, which university? :-)

No I didn’t. I studied in Australia at the University of South Australia in Adelaide. I only moved to Berlin 14 months ago. 

Old News

Old News

Found in London:)

Found in London


Im Kino

Im Kino

Melt Festival 2014
Ferropolis, 18th July 2014